Friday, March 23, 2012




Unannounced Mech Shooter

This was a 3rd person mech shooter that got cancelled.
These are examples of some of the early concept work I did from thumbnail explorations
to a more rendered one chosen by my Art Director.
All done in photoshop.

Unannounced MMORPG

This was another MMORPG I worked on that got shelved.
The theme of this game took many turns throughout its development, thus
the incohesive styles above.

Artwork for Pitches

Artwork for Battlezone Pitch

Artwork for Mech Pitch

Secret Kingdoms Mobile (SKM)




Combat BGs

SKM is a mobile game based off of the SKO IP.
For this project we worked with a small outsourcing team.
As the only artist, I was in charge of all visual aspects of the game, including UI design,
layouts, concepts, illustrations, icons, buttons, tutorials, etc.

Secret Kingdoms Online (SKO)

these illustrations were used for marketing, posters, websites, powerpoints, etc...thus the blank background so they could easily stamp it

paintover variations for re-use of models
more props, I did over a hundred
UI samples, working with the designer
I created all of the UI assets for this game
SKO is a cute style MMORPG targeted for the Asian market.